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Do You Know What’s in Your Makeup?

Facial makeup products contain ingredients that alter, add, highlight or color your facial features, but these features often come with a price, especially if you apply at least one cosmetic everyday. It’s not only important to know the tricks of proper usage of makeup, the types of makeup appropriate for your skin type and skin…Continue Reading…

FEE Blog – Anything Peaceful

Featuring business news on FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) blog, it is our pleasure to bring to you the best and latest news in business and economics. Some of our references comes from CNN money. FEE focuses on anything peaceful, which is exactly what business should be. A good source of information for terms that…Continue Reading…

Types of Financial Markets & Institutions

A financial market allows for intermediation of capital between households & firms. Broadly a financial market performs the following functions: Determines the price of a transaction. Provides liquidity by transferring ownership of assets from one agent to the other. Performs measurement & management of asset price risk. There are various types of financial markets doing…Continue Reading…

Significance & Functions of the Finance Industry:

As mentioned earlier that the primary job of finance industry is to provide finances for other businesses. There lies the importance of the financial institutions. Even someone with very low amount capital can open a bigger business primarily because financial institutions are there to provide him the required amount of money for the business. But…Continue Reading…

Starting a New Project

Whenever you are starting a business or you are starting a new project within an already existing business then some money is required to finance that project. That is where the financial service providers come in. They offer you that money in lieu of some guarantee & they charge interest on the amount lend by…Continue Reading…